All-in-one Anchor Design Software

During the CPD, a representative from Hilti presented the benefits of the The PROFIS Engineering Suite for designing steel to concrete connections.

Reduced design time

The design tool enables all elements of steel to masonry or concrete connections to be designed at once, using a single interface. This includes design of the base material, steel plate, anchors, weld and stiffeners associated with the connection. Not only is there a reduction in design time, but also increased accuracy to avoid costly and time consuming errors. The tool also includes a product recommendation engine and complete bill of materials to further increase efficiency.


Further to the comprehensive capabilities of the software, there is added convenience in that the design work is carried out using a single cloud-based tool. This enables remote working on the project at anytime from any location, as well as instant datasharing between all stakeholders in the project.


Subscribers have access to expert support by way of a nationwide team of experienced engineers available to give advice over the phone, in the office or onsite. The design suite also includes integrated step-by-step tutorials.


The design suite is fully compatible with the industry's leading structural and BIM software Tekla, making data transfer and 3D modelling much more straightforward


Where traditionally elements of steel to concrete connections were designed separately using different design tools, the PROFIS Engineering Suite enables reduction in the time and cost of designing such connections, along with increased accuracy, convenience of being cloud based and compatibilty with leading industry software.